Countdown to my New Year’s Resolutions Countdown

Perhaps I’m the only weirdo who does this but…the holidays always trigger that-“Holy shit, it’s almost the end of the year!” feeling. Consequently, I find myself re-examining my beginning of the year goals and pondering… What the hell happened? November and December suddenly turn into my last ditch effort to place a checkmark beside my…

I’m Getting Paid to Get in Shape!

Let’s be honest. Consistency is not my strength.

In spite of my best intentions and numerous Pinterest posts; I seldom move from idea to action. Well… until recently!

Summer’s Here…Still Out of Shape…Struggling!

Remember back in elementary school on the last day of school? There was no better rush of adrenaline and excitement than when the 3:30 bell rang. You hauled ass out of that building and dared not look back. Summertime was in full effect!

Random Rant: My Personal Trainer is Superman!

Twice a week I meet with my trainer and in the midst of all the weird and unusual routines we do; I feel like a superhero! I have to admit when he’s rattling off the list of drills, sets, and reps, I usually think he’s lost his everloving mind. Yet, somehow thirty minutes later I’m…

I Can’t Believe it Has Come to This!

I can openly admit I overindulged while watching the Superbowl, the holiday season, last summer…okay…I’ve been a gluttonous savage for quite awhile now. However, I think I have reached my breaking point.

The Tortoise Beat the Hare…Eventually

Ordinarily, when I embark into a new workout regime I go in full throttle. Go hard or go home! Take no prisoners! Just do it! Then,¬†somewhere around three to five days later I am either injured or out of gas. So, this time I have employed a different strategy. Slow and steady. I am about…

Death to Peaches!

In a scorching, heated yoga room she stood out. Larger than most yogis, she was bouncy, curvy, and unapologetically large. Whether we stood in triangle pose or laid down in cobra, her presence was hard to ignore. I couldn’t believe the boldness of this chic! She simply refused to mesh in with the masses. As I peered closer in the wall to ceiling mirrors that surrounded the studio I began to quickly realize she…was my ass!

When a fool goes sprinting. R.I.P. to my athletic speed.

As I strolled casually over to the starting line I spied a few youngsters also on the track. I gave them a headnod, and told them to watch out for lane one. I was cautioning them because I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. I’d be running pretty fast. What I wanted to say was,

Look out kids, school is about to be in session.